Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Some people don't think Halloween is very fun or exciting (hint hint JANET!) but I think it is awesome! I don't even know why really, because this year we didn't get to into it. Well we kinda did, but not really. We went to a Halloween party and we carved some pumpkins. We made some pretty awesome costumes from stuff at the DI and stuff my sister had. So I really don't know why I like it so much, I think it's just fun! Dressing up in fun costumes for no reason and having unlimited excuses to eat candy. I think it's all just what you make of it really! Everyone celebrates it in different ways. I know my sister makes homemade donuts on Halloween. My parent's neighbors go all out on decorating their yard, they even have a 6 foot tall Frankenstein they put on their porch! What are some of your traditions?

We found Katelyn's costume first, she was an alien, and we thought it was so cute so we took the theme and ran with it! My shirt had glow in the dark stars on it and Mike was an astronaut! Pretty creative huh!

These pictures were taken a few days after we carved them, so they are a little saggy, but Mike's pumpkin is on the left and it's Frankenstein. Mine is in the middle and it's just a big smiley face and Katelyn's is on the end (carved courtesy of Mike's brother Jeff).


Adam and Kym said...

Cute costumes.
I really love Halloween too - I'm sure you already knew that. It is such a fun holiday that doesn't have the stress of Christmas or Thanksgiving. We have a lot of Halloween traditions. I love to make homemade apple cider in the crock pot. It smells SO good cooking all day long. We have a traditional dinner of a bowl of Chili with cheese & fritos. It was what I remembered eating every Halloween as a kid and so I have continued that tradition. We also love to watch fun Halloween movies (Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein, the Munsters, Young Frankenstein) while we hand out candy. Ahh, I wish we could do it twice a year! Now on to decorating & crafting for the next holiday!

Janet said...

Love the costumes! Katelyn looks super cute! Love the pumpkins too. Looks like fun!

P.S. In my defense, I think Halloween can be fun, it just isn't my favorite holiday. I loved it when I was little and I'm sure I'll love it again when I have cute little ones to dress up in adorable alien costumes. :) Love you!

Jamie & Mike said...

tee hee
I love you Janet! When you have cute little ones, we will have fun halloween trick or treating parties!

Ben said...

I just found your blog, it fun to see what you are up to