Thursday, February 12, 2009

So we're not moving...

Well, we thought and prayed a lot about what we should do with this opportunity we were given. In the end, we both couldn't get a good feeling about doing it, so we decided to graciously pass. We're looking at several different options now. We could possibly stick it out in Inkom, it's really not too terrible, but it would be nice living in town. If we stuck it out, we could save some money and get out of some debt. But it also would be nice to live in town, we'd be closer to work and school, we'd save money on gas, and be able to have the internet at our house. Once again, let us know what you think!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Possibly Moving!

Well, as many of you might know, we are currently living in Mike's grandmother's basement apartment. It has been such a blessing since Mike got laid off, we really wouldn't have been able to afford rent right now. It is in Inkom, which hasn't been too bad, just a big consumption of our time and gas. We did a lot of remodeling on the basement to get it nice and new for future use, which has made us feel really spoiled living there. We love living close to family, but it has been getting slightly difficult to live in Inkom while we're going to school, you can't exactly pop home for lunch when you live 20 minutes away.
Recently I was approached by a professor of mine, who I am good friends with, about the possibility of managing his apartment complex. He owns an apartment complex in old town called Brentwood Manor. It is an old fashion building, built in 1920, by a man from Chicago. He wanted to build something that resembled buildings from his old neighborhood. It is a very quaint building and very cute! We would be responsible for collecting rent, maintaining the building, and other little things like that, but we also get paid on the side for the extra hours we put in. We will be getting a 2 bedroom apartment, FREE, with all utilities and wireless internet included!! We're very excited about this possibility. However, we are still thinking and praying about it to make sure this is the right decision for us right now. Please comment and let me know what you think! If you want to visit the apartment, you can go to their website, which is