Friday, August 13, 2010

Housewife success!

So apparently all I needed to do to become a better cook is have a child!! Well that and practice...and ask recipes from all of my family...and practice some more...and have good friends that help me practice! Lately I have had several success stories when it comes to the kitchen! Those of you who know me know that this is a pretty big deal to me.
First success story was a dinner that I made for Mike and I. Actually, it was breakfast foods but we ate it for dinner. I successfully cooked bacon, pancakes, and eggs! There was no burns on me or the food!

(I thought I had had a positive cookie baking experience until I took the cookies out of the oven and burned my bicep, that's what happens when you grab too far on the sides of the cookie sheet and then bend at the elbow to pull the sheet out)

Here is a picture of the breakfast/dinner

Thanks to my mom, sister, and grandma I have made several different recipes over the last few weeks. I made banana bread, a chicken and rice recipe, stir fry, and a few other things, go me!

The next adventure was a little more aggressive. I watch way too many cake decorating shows, cake boss, ace of cakes, famous cakes, ultimate cake-off, and many others. I have always wanted to try fondant on a cake, but I have heard that fondant is super hard to use. I have a good friend who was willing to let me use her expertise (and her kitchen!) to attempt this task! We bought all the stuff we would need and we used a special recipe for Marshmallow Fondant, which is supposed to be slightly easier to use. It was sooooo much fun! It was a little labor intensive but not too bad. Here are some pictures!

Here is my friend mixing up the fondant. It looks way sticky but it was pretty easy to knead and make it firm.

I forgot to take a photo of the middle step, of just putting the fondant on, but we put the fondant on the cake and then decorated it with frosting. So much fun!

The finished product! Isn't is so pretty?! I was pretty proud of us, thanks Kelsie for helping me!

I'm going to try and keep updating my blog more often, it's a work in progress but I'm working on it!