Tuesday, April 7, 2009

*Conflict Resolution*

I went into my boss yesterday at the Pharmacy to speak to him about the problems I have been having with certain employees and the way that they treat me. I truly wanted to quit that job, but I'm very non confrontational (on certain things) and I was nervous about doing it. When I went into his office to quit, I began explaining to him the problems that I have been having and why I felt the way I did. He expressed his apology for the way I had been treated and told me that he didn't feel it appropriate for anyone in his company, janitor or not, to be treated that way. He told me it was my decision, but that if I wanted to stay he would speak with those departments and try to improve my working environment. I felt he truly cared about me and my position with them, so I'm going to give it a try! Hopefully things will improve, because I haven't enjoyed being treated that way, and if they don't I always have my option to quit!

I am still trying to find more full time work, because this will help Mike and I get qualified for a home loan. So if anyone knows of anything or hears of anything in the Pocatello area, let me know!
I have applied and sent resumes to several dentist offices in town, for both office work and dental hygiene assisting. But I'm willing to take anything!

Friday, April 3, 2009

*Changes in our life*

I always get bugged about updating my blog, and I know I should do better, but I have been slightly busy lately! Here's what's new in our lives!

-Mike is doing really well at his job, he makes a lot of sales and really enjoys his coworkers!
-I have been working 4 jobs over the past 6 weeks. I am still at Gold's Gym teaching swimming to little kids, I work at a communication lab on campus, I still have my students, and I recently got a job cleaning at a pharmacy. I don't really enjoy the pharmacy job and I will probably be quitting it soon...They're just not very nice to me and I don't appreciate a job where I'm treated that way.
-We are still living in Inkom, but we're trying to buy a house. Because Mike works mostly on commission, we can't qualify for a loan on his and my basic salary. Even though we would make enough to afford it, we can't qualify...
-I am loving being married, it is a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot. My husband is amazing and treats me like a queen!
-We have been so busy with our school schedules...It's been slightly intense! But hopefully all will go well and we'll pass all of our classes.