Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooking adventures!

I have never been a very good fact over the years I have made many humorous mistakes in the kitchen. Not all are disasterous but most are pretty funny. Well getting married didn't really help me in this area, in fact I've probably gotten worse! Some of my stories include using salt instead of sugar in chocolate chip cookies, leaving the stove on all night long, and using corn meal instead of bread crumbs for a chicken recipe. My most recent story happened just this last week. We had invited Mike's cousin Kristi and her boyfriend Richie over for dinner and games. I was in charge of the main dish and a salad and Kristi was going to bring rolls and dessert. I decided to make chicken fettucini alfredo. I bought all of the ingredients and I had everything ready. The morning of I took a bag of chicken out of the freezer to begin the defrost. I looked at them and thought "These look a little strange" I even took a picture and called my mom to ask her if chicken can go bad in the freezer. She got my text picture and said they didn't look bad but check them more as they thaw. Here is the picture for you to judge for yourself!

Looks like perfectly good chicken, right? Can anyone guess what I had done? What I believed to be a bag of chicken breasts was actually pork chop...yup I was preparing to make pork chop fettucini alfredo. Well by the time I had realized my mistake I was running short on time and wasn't sure I would have time to go to the store and get chicken. Then I rememebered that they make pre-sliced, cooked chicken breast that would be perfect for my recipe. I rushed to the store to buy myself some. While I was at the store I decided I would get a cucumber to add to my salad. As I'm searching the poultry section, I can't find ANY of those little strips! By this point, I really didn't have time to do anything else. I called my mom, frantically, and she said she had some that I could use. So I bought my cucumber, and drove like crazy up to my mom's.

On the bright side, the salad turned out GREAT! See?

I began making the alfredo and cooking the noodles. I had purchased two packaged of fettucini noodles. I started cooking one of them and then decided that maybe I should cook both. Apparently I misjudged the amount of noodles, because I ended up making WAY too much. Oh well, it's better to have plenty of food than not enough!

Look at all those noodles!!
All in all, the night went really well, we had a lot of fun and every one promised that the food tasted good. It's my goal to become a better cook and not be so stressed about the entire cooking process. Hopefully things go better, if you have any amazing cooking tips, feel free to let me know!


Jenae said...

And the brownies the next day turned out wonderful, too!! Yea for Jamie and the kitchen demons!

Stan and Chels said...

Nice work, I probably would've just used the pork. Or called it a day and ordered pizza. So props to you!

Adam and Kym said...

I'll find a few easy recipes and send them to you. You don't have to be a great cook, just have a few great recipes!